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Our Company

PlantSpace is a start-up from Germany with a focus on technical developments in agriculture and urban gardening. Our main mission is the transformation of innovative research into marketable products. The PlantSpace team is made up of a group of graduates, students and qualified employees who share a passion for the environment and sustainability.

PlantSpace was started in 2012 by a group of students. The research and development phase lasted for about eight years. During these eight years through cooperation with
multiple public institutions and private companies, we carried out tests in open fields and closed greenhouses and thus were able to develop an innovative energy system with
an energy management software.

Our team specializes in the areas

  • Energy and systems technology
  • Fluid and structural mechanics
  • Materials technology
  • Bio chemistry
  • Software development
  • Bontany

Our Vision

Die Agrarwirtschaft erlebt eine technische Revolution für die wir uns seit Jahren einsetzen. Unser Team wird diesen Trend durch Innovation mitgestalten und sieht sich in einer verantwortlichen Rolle. Die richtige Umgebung, das ist die Grundregel für das Erhalten aller Lebensformen. PlantSpace nutzt die innovativsten Entwicklungen, nach aktuellem Stand der Technik um ein wirtschaftliches Energiemanagement zu realisieren. Dabei spielt nicht nur die Technologie eine Rolle, sondern auch die Verwaltung der Energiesysteme.

Lately the agricultural economy has been experiencing a technincal revolution, one for which we have been campaigning for years. We as a team want to shape this trend through our technologies.

Creating an maintaining a sustainable environment are the fundamentals of maintaining all forms of life

PlantSpace uses the most innovative state of the art technologies in order to realize economical and sustainable energy management for our clients. In our approach we not only prioritize innovative technologies, but also the efficient management of energy systems.

Our Mission

Mission is the enable our clients to achieve high quality harvest in an economic  enviroment.